TEotWaWKI Alert: Possible Zombie Outbreak in Minnesota

Cops believe teacher ate piece of ear she bit off man

I want to urge caution here. Enough time has past since the Zombie Wars that the risen dead are quite rare. Odd behavior is not enough to indicate someone is a zombie. Play it safe, follow the standard protocol:

  1. Clear the premises.
  2. Alert the authorities.
  3. Monitor all exits.

Don’t risk going to jail on a murder wrap if you can keep everyone safe without resort to violence.


~ by Bill Drinkmore on March 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “TEotWaWKI Alert: Possible Zombie Outbreak in Minnesota”

  1. Keep the entries coming! This is how I stay informed. I’m going to be prepared.

  2. zombies are fake and thats the end of it

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